Open Society
Strengthening Civic Society in the Czech Republic

We aim to contribute to building an efficient and well-functioning state where all people enjoy equal opportunities. Problems that the others do not see we bring to the light and come up with inspiring solutions.

The Open Society, p.b.c, was founded in 1999 by the Open Society Fund Prague, which has laid the foundations of a modern non-profit sector in the Czech Republic after 1989. Implementing several long-term programs, the Open Society has presented itself as a team of professionals striving for a friendly and effective functioning of a public administration towards all citizens. With its activities, the Open Society belongs to the most respected organizations of its kind in the Czech Republic.


  • The Open Society is a partner in legislative process and the adviser for public administration, commercial sector and individuals.
  • The Open Society helps the institutions of public administration to create an open and fair relationship with all citizens.
  • The Open Society supports people against the arbitrary acts of authorities. The Open Society educates the public to open-minded thinking without prejudices.

Recently we have been working on these following programmes:

Free Access to Public Information

We strengthen the culture of open public administration. We are partner of both administration and active citizens. We believe modern technologies should be used when handling information.

Police As Public Service

We are a partner of the Police on their way to the trust of citizens. Regaining credibility requires the Police to know problems faced by the public. It is necessary to prioritize prevention before repression.

Enforcing Gender Equity

In terms of gender equity the Czech society finds itself on a level of a developing country. It is not only women who pay the price for that. We point out that gender equity is not a fight among men and women but a dispute of democrats vs. non-democrats.

Open Opportunities for Roma

Public sources must be used in a manner leading to really efficient integration of Roma. Our work is aimed on those who want to play an active role in the Roma integration process.

Public Space Open to Everyone

We are interested why there are so few people in Czech public space. We have been trying to find differences between Prague and other European cities where parks and squares are full of life.

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Organizace je zapsaná v rejstříku Obecně prospěšných společností, Městský soud v Praze, oddíl O, vložka č. 96.


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